Main Features

Entrepreneurs get paid in 24 Hours

Entrepreneurs pitch ideas to Customers

Customers make Donations Daily

Customers become Part-Owners

How It Works

Step 1:
Users Sign Up as a Entrepreneur or as a Customer

Step 2:
Entrepreneurs will Record a One Minute Pitch for the Customers

Step 3:
After the Entrepreneur raises at least $100 they will be paid out the next business day

All Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed

All Entrepreneurs Pitches will Expire in 24 Hours and Be Deleted Forever

All Entrepreneurs will View Funds Raised Privately

All Entrepreneurs Social Media will be used as Customer Contacts


Customers will be Offered the SAFE Agreement (Simple Agreement for Future Equity)

Entrepreneurs will be Paid the Next Day, once they have filled out the 1099 Form

MoneyBlitzTV will Present Equity to Entrepreneurs and Customers who Qualify

MoneyBlitzTV will Charge a Processing Fee of 5% and a Service Fee of 5%

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