Video Chat Funding
for YOU

Money Blitz Television is a new online video chat-room

funding community. Where elevator pitches go viral in

less than 60 seconds! Entrepreneurs and investors are

fundraising in real time using:


Features and Benefits

  • Video pitch recording
  • Playback feature
  • Peer to peer or group video
  • Video chat room funding
  • Instant messaging
  • Video call
  • Video messages
  • Random video chats
  • Next button feature
  • Control settings button
  • Money ticker
  • Count down timer
  • Switch feature
  • All projects expire in 30 days
  • Funded Projects 90% - 95% Payouts


Features and Benefits

  • Video chat room funding
  • Webcam-interaction
  • Random video chat
  • Text chat, voice chat, video chat
  • Video conferences
  • LIVE pitching
  • Collaborate in real time
  • Watch one minute pitches
  • Fund different categories
  • Money calculator feature
  • Funding Balance sheet data
  • Investors Spreadsheets
  • American Express Payment Gateway
  • Strong ROI from partnerships
  • Tax Deductions

Money Blitz Television is a De La Fortune Enterprise Inc. Subsidiary Company. © All Rights Reserved.

It takes a community to build a start-up.

Our mission: Fund ideas with a purpose and also pitch meaningful stories. We love entrepreneurs who hustle and investors who fund-raise in real time. Hence, the world's first and only video chat-room funding platform for all go-getters. motto: "Do more for others than you do for yourself."
  • Our community's goal is to make dreams come true in real time.
  • Our community's help others to create and fund heartfelt projects.
  • Our community's culture believes in creativity and generosity.
Respectfully yours,
Pierre de la Fortune / Money Blitz Television