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There is a virus that is effecting everyone right now. At least that’s what Alex said in this video below. I (Pierre) really believe it’s because everybody is doing exactly what is expected of them. No one is breaking the F*CKing rules, but a lot of people are following and bending the rules. To break the rules you have to be free and take a lot of risk. Make whatever you are creating / making needs to stand out from the crowd of followers. Actually, what’s weird is sometimes the best followers are the best leaders. Why? You might ask is because they have allowed themselves to connect with a community of other just like them. It’s only a few of the the fearless followers who eventually want to create a community and a crowd to follow them and their new business or new movement.

The more risk you take the lower the budge should be. Meaning keep taking risk and using what you have as DIY (Do It Yourself). Money is only a tool, it does not pay for a masterpiece that you are creating from scratch. If you are a artist you have to experiment work on your masterpieces DAILY. Break the rules more often and you will gain a huge advantage over people who don’t take the risk at all. Alright, I have to get back to working on my very own personal masterpiece called MoneyBlitzTV…

By Pierre de la Fortune



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