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Google Search definition of a Customer: Cus·tom·er ˈkəstəmər / noun: a person or organization that buys goods or services from a store or business. Patron; shopper; subscriber.

Money Blitz TV definition: If Entrepreneurs and their ideas are the car, Customers are the gas. The car might be a Ferrari, but without the gas, that Ferrari won’t get very far. Likewise, Money Blitz TV Customers provide the funds that allow businesses to get going.  

Money Blitz TV Customers are lovers to the core. They are the warm-hearted individuals who embrace the opportunity to support Entrepreneurs, long before Entrepreneurs’ ideas have had time to gain acceptance in the public arena. This altruistic quality is what makes a Customer different from an Investor; Investors generally want proof that a business is going to make it before they are willing to risk their capital. 

What motivates Customers? Some are driven by the desire to support those businesses which they, themselves would like to use. Some are investors, with a broader-than-usual vision. Others are simply motivated by the fundamental human desire to help another person. The best Customers, however, are friends and family who want to support the business building efforts of their loved ones. Entrepreneurs often find it easiest to obtain funds from people who already believe in their potential. Most Entrepreneurs start with friends, family and business associates.

By Pierre de la Fortune


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