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Introduction – Entrepreneur Quiz / Test

Chapter One – Being an entrepreneur isn’t all glamour and fat profit margins. It’s definitely not for everybody. If having your own business is a burning desire for you, read on. The following chapters are just a outline of what’s in our current book ENTREPRENEUR: which is selling on Amazon right now.

Chapter Two—Business owners stay in business by solving problems for
their customers. What problem do you solve?

Chapter Three—Business owners don’t get paid unless they pay
themselves. How will you live without a regular salary?

Chapter Four—The Democracy of Small Business: The marketplace
doesn’t care who your parents are or where you went to school. The only thing that matters is can you add value to other people’s lives?

Chapter Five—A successful business must make more money coming in than
going out. Do you know how to budget?

Chapter Six—It takes money to make money. Business owners have to
raise capital to convert their great ideas into viable products or services. Do you have a system for raising capital?

Chapter Seven—How well do you handle rejection? How many doors are
you willing to have slammed in your face? Before you get to the door that
opens ups for you?

Conclusion (points to the Money Blitz app to get entrepreneurs started
raising capital through contributions.)

By Pierre de la Fortune


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