Life’s a Glitch

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Right now at this very moment my life is a glitch, but I am on my DIY (Do It Yourself) movement. I started this month not focus and not driven to write my new book. Oh yeah, I made a promise to myself that I would write a MoneyBlitzTV Workbook every month for a year. Heck, I tried to write a REAL book every month last year and that was definitely easier said than done. So, even though my life is a glitch I am killing the bugs and getting rid of any distractions that are interrupting my working flow.

Here are three of my personal tips that’s helping me work through my glitch:

  1. Create a DIY (Do It Yourself) Movement
  2. Video Record Yourself Doing the Work
  3. Go LIVE at Least Once a Week or Weekend via Social Media

If you do these 3 things it will help you with your glitches. I am no expert, but I am a real person who record and streams my ups and downs on social media and the MoneyBlitz mobile app. What I have learned about the DIY Movement is you have to do everything starting out by yourself. If you are waiting for other people to help you, I hate to break it to you they won’t help (at least not right away). You have to do everything by yourself, for yourself first, then other people will want to join your movement if it’s something that they resonate with.

The reason it’s important to video record yourself doing the work. Because you need to study yourself and what better way than recording your actions / work. Everything you record might be horrible or it might be good, but you will never know until you start. Everything you want is based on not how or when you start, but once you start you can’t stop. The key to recording yourself every single day is to do it in micro-actions or baby steps. Before you know it you will have so much video footage of your doing the work. Not busy work, but meaningful work that is critical for your growth as a individual and as a business. We all have 24 hours in a day for ourselves and our business, but we waste a lot of it on BullSH*T. Use your time wisely to study your body of work that you are producing for yourself. You will become very self-aware of what you are good at and what you are not so good at. The biggest room in life is room for improvement.

Going LIVE via Social Media could be dangerous and scary if you don’t have a message. I would only advise you to go LIVE once you have a game plan that has been working. Meaning once you go LIVE it’s game time. The practicing is what you were doing before you decided to go LIVE. The main reason you want to go LIVE is so you can engage with your audience. They need to see that you are the real deal and this is the best way for them to come into your glitchy world…

By Pierre de la Fortune


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