Scroll this will be owned and operated by MoneyBlitzTV, LLC; a limited liability company which will be run by Pierre de la Fortune. Our start-up costs (displayed below) is only $1,000,000.00

Start-Up Requirements   Start-up Expenses   Legal  $?,???.00
Phone/utilities deposits $?,???.00
Insurance $?,???.00
Employee salaries $??,???.00
Marketing $???,???.00
Supplies $?,???.00
Website development $??,???.00
Miscellaneous $???,???.00
Total Start-up Expenses $??,???.00
Start-up Assets $??,???.00
Cash Required $??,???.00
Start-up Inventory $??,???.00
Other Current Assets $??,???.00
Long-term Assets $???,???,???.00
Total Assets $?,???,???.00
Total Requirements $1,000,000.00

By Pierre de la Fortune


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